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Adword Services Australia

A site without Adwords simply isn’t being utilized to its full potential. It’s no secret that Google’s search algorithm is leaps and bounds above the rest,
so why not make this effective platform work directly for you.

Adwords utilizes Pay Per Click bids to help drive targeted traffic to your website. Let our team of digital marketing
professionals help you develop a customised campaign that can increase your ROI.

Targeted Traffic

Adwords displays your company’s ads in Google Search results based on your targeted keywords. Our in-house team provides optimization, offsite optimization, as well as strategy implementation, in order to devise a tailor-made campaign specific to your needs.

Higher Conversions

Using our AdWords cost per click service, you only pay for results. Once your PPC bids are carefully selected and implemented, your team will be free to concentrate on the services and/or sales that generate revenue.

Lower Costs

Our in-house experts build and manage campaigns based upon Google’s’ Search Network Advertising (SNA). Up-to-date search spends and trends are researched and tailored to generate more leads and sales; at the very lowest costs possible.


As part of our AdWords service, your website will be scanned and checked for on page, off page, domain authority, social engagement and other SEO factors. Not only that, but we will also do competition analysis and compile a 5 point evaluation covering 60 major aspects of SEO.

Our professional Adwords team go above and beyond the task of simply analyzing your website using automated software; each aspect of your company’s website is optimized and each keyword is carefully selected to ensure lower costs and higher conversion rates.

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Our AdWord Services

Consolidating effective relevant keywords, set your PPC bid limit on those terms,
and let Adwords drive the right type of traffic to your website.

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Pay just for results! Immediately receive page views from clients for your business


Track conversions to compile essential data that can be used to improve future sales both online and in person


Effective use of your monthly budget to maximize revenue.


Implement the most affordable and effective keywords that attract the most relevant audience


Ensure your selected keywords are displaying ads to the correct audience network


Customise unique strategies to ensure that your campaign provides long-term success in an extremely competitive market.

Digital Marketing Strategies

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Search Network Advertising (SNA)


SNA is through Google’s’ direct search engine and triggered when a particular keyword you are targeting is searched. Depending on the setup, the search term can be a direct match i.e. target keyword: Plumbing Sydney searched word: Plumbing Sydney, or a broad match variation i.e. target keyword: Plumbing Sydney searched word: Local plumbers in Sydney. The appearance of a specific ad is dependent on 4 key factors:

  • 1.Keyword Bid

    the amount you are willing to pay to outbid the completion, otherwise known as cost per click (CPC)

  • 2. Quality Score

    This is how relevant your add is for the targeted keyword

  • 3.Daily Budget

    this is how much you are prepared to spend daily over the next 30.5 days to match your monthly amount. Of course if your budget is substantially low compared to you CPC then your daily budget is used quicker thus not having the funds to bid.

  • 4.Expected CTR

    CTR is the click through rate and depending on the 3 factors above we can predict how often your add is likely to get selected above the competition and thus driving more leads to you.

Display Networking Advertising (DNA)


DNA is targeting potential customers earlier in the buying process, by catching their attention and interest through various banner ads, video ads, app ads and other media outlets on Google’s’ partner network. DNA is about creating brand exposure through indirect marketing i.e. you have a business selling running shoes and you place your banner ad for example on a well-known fitness site, thus indirectly promoting and putting your product in front of a potential customer without them directly searching. All promotional graphics and ads are created by Content SME.

How Much Is A Managed DNA Campaign?

• 35% setup fee or minimum $450 of budget allocation.
• 25% management fee or minimum $200 a month of budget allocation.

So whether you’re looking to create a new campaign from scratch, restructure an existing one, or manage multiple campaigns for maximum ROIs, our digital marketing experts can research, create and implement the most effective campaigns specific to your industry.

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