A member of our business development team Alan, called Kernow Stone in November 2015. Talking with Mark Libby, director of the company, he found out that Mark had invested in SEO before but to no avail. Mark was the owner of 2 websites because he had been advised to buy a new url stonemasonaryperth.com.au and was told that this domain would rank. This was not the case as Google has announced years ago that it wasn’t giving favour to exact match domains and that it may penalize against this kind of manipulation of rankings. His Kernow Stone domain was sitting in the top of page 4 which is as good as nowhere if you are not looking to improve it or is an ok starting point if you are looking to start to improve your SEO. After some consultation, Mark agreed to let us move his newer site to his older domain and implement our SEO strategy. After 3 months Kernow Stone was in the top half of page one of Google organic search and seeing benefit. Now he is in the top 3 for most stonemason keyterms in Perth and its suburbs.

The Goals



Top 3 Rankings

Top 3

After just 3 months

1-3 Rankings

For Dozens Keywords


Searches a month

What We Did


Merged his old site with the new website

Moved marks newer site from stonemasonaryperth.com.au and used all content from 2 websites and made minor website alterations.

A full onsite optimisation

To target the competitive keywords for bulk traffic and local keywordsthat would help mark gain the clients in the right areas of Perth.

Content marketing

We continue implement quality content onsite. We also develop quality content that gets published on the web and earns Kernow stone domain authority.

Some highlights…

We achieved some fantastic results for ultra competitive keywords…

Marks organic traffic from Google has increased 114.23% from the 1st 2 months with Content’s Me to the last 2 months.

Kernow Stone’s Visibility score has increased from 0 to 442 out of 500 and has 12 new keywords on page one with 5 entering page 1 from not in the top 500

Now we are redesigning Marks website so not only does he outrank his competitors his website stands out from the crowd too.

What our clients have to say about us

Hear it from the client themselves

“ Dale and the team have been a massive help with my business. I get 70% of my work through the work they have done. Dale went well out of his way to ensure he got results quickly because he knew I had problems with other so called SEO’s in the past. So thanks again for all your hard work ”
– Mark Libby – Owner of  Kernowstone