Michelle from Naturopathic Solutions had an unresponsive website on a free template that was ranking on the third page with little optimisation and no Google My Business presence. When Flynn initially got in contact with Michelle, her most important reservation before re-designing the website with integrating SEO was that it would actually benefit the business and that it could be done for a reasonable price as she is a Sole Trader.

She was left with a much more impressive website that ranks position 1 for most of her keywords all of which was achieved at a very reasonable price. Since the web-build Michelle continues to work with Content’s Me at an adhoc level, we recently optimised her Google Maps to the top of the first page, we have set up an online store inside the website, as well as design graphics and logos.

The Goals



Top 3 rankings

Top 3

After just 3 months

1-3 rankings

For dozens keywords


Searches a month

What We Did


A full onsite optimisation

Created strong relevancy for her specific services and target the highest searched terms available.

Redeveloped the website

Increased the functionality of the website and made the site responsive for all devices.

Source quality backlinks

Provide digital services and website support for all and any changes.

Some highlights…

What our clients have to say about us

Hear it from the client themselves

“ The site you have created is definitely a great makeover. I’m getting great feedback already from people for my website and I also see my rankings on Google have gotten better as traffic is up 1000% to 416 monthly visitors for the last month in my analytics ”
– Michelle Brown – Owner of Naturopathic Solutions