Google Maps Optimisation

They take on numerous names and titles – Google Maps, Google My Business, Google Local, Google Plus – but whatever you want to call it the local listings google that display when someone makes a keyword search for any given product or service are of high value to any business offering local products or services.

And once whilst Google relied on the searcher to include a geo term i.e sydney or perth to know when to display the local listings, they now do so by identifying the location of the searchers IP Address hence even for generic search phrases such as ‘auto repairs’ they will often display local listings based on the users IP Address. This is even more prevalent when the searcher is using a mobile device.

All this simply means is if you aren’t one of the top ranking local listings in google maps for your particular products or services than you are missing out on a great source of local inquiries. Content’s Me have become masters of Google Maps optimisation with a 10 point strategy implemented over 6 weeks that can take a business from local obscurity to prominent positioning in the google local listings. We also combine this with our reputation management services to great effect to get your listing 5 star rated ensuring maximum click through rates. Don’t let the complexity of Google Local Listing SEO prevent you from claiming your place as a business of choice when someone local searches for your products and services.