We offer our expert services to Resellers wishing to rebrand, or repackage our strategies to better suit their client base. By implementing one, or several of our tried-and-tested marketing methods you can customise your own campaigns to implement for your clients’ websites.

Proven Marketing Tactics

We provide resellers with all the tools, services, strategies and marketing tactics to develop tailor-made campaigns for your clients

Technical Support

We assist with technical support and strategic information to ensure you can offer and provide the very best services

Advanced Strategic Campaigns

Through years of developing campaigns for all types of business, we provide up-to-date and effective approaches to digital marketing for your clients

We are proven experts.

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Digital Budget Managed
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We craft purposeful passionate brands.

There are many aspects involved with digital marketing, and knowing when and where to implement strategies relevant to your brand is what generates more traffic and ultimately, more conversions and sales.

We at CSME have painstakingly created a team of expert professionals that are highly trained and motivated to producing results. No company is the same, which is why we perform intricate and in-depth research to develop the most suitable marketing tactics for your online business.

By carefully analyzing your field of industry together with your target audience, we can develop a wide range of campaigns for your clients, no matter what the size the company.

Our Reseller Services

Whether you want to expand your service offering or just need help with your current ones we can prove to be a valuable partner.

Search Engine Optimization

On page optimization and appropriate inclusion of meta data employed site wide to get the most of your content

Search Engine Marketing

Creative and complex link building strategies implemented to ensure that your website reaches the correct target market

Web Design

Revamp, or develop a new site from scratch to improve optimization and user experience

Converstion Optimisation

Test different designs, layouts and button colours to ensure your site is user-friendly and produces the highest conversion rates

Content Creation

Create valuable content that accurately informs your clients and ranks highly with Google

Google Maps Optimisation

Put your business on the map to increase brand awareness and expand your local client network

Pagespeed Insights

Slow websites can be penalised in Google’s rankings. Uncover important areas for improvement and increase page-loading speeds.


Develop tailor-made campaigns with Pay Per Click bids on keywords based on Google’s Search Network Advertising and Display Network Advertising.

Social Media

Inform and reach out to your audience through organic and natural marketing tactics employed via social media networks.