There is a terrible common misconception that WordPress is a poor man’s website platform, when in actual fact it is quite the contrary. Due to its immense popularity, WordPress boasts unparalleled third party support, an SEO friendly structure and premium customizable themes.

Reasons why WordPress is not just the easy way out when it comes to web design

The technology is so simple and as a result the time that you would need to invest on formatting is significantly reduced. Adding blogs, new pages and images regularly is elementary and upbeat. You can even access the website management from any computer as WordPress is a browser-based format.

Unfortunately people always associate cost with functionality, so the more expensive and complicated a web build becomes the better it must be. WordPress completely blows this notion out of the water given that they are incredibly cost effective and rather straight forward to set up too.

The code written behind WordPress is very smooth and simplistic which as a result makes it easier for search engines to process and index the content on the website. These websites are vastly viable in relation to search engine optimisation too, as each and every image, page and post can have its very own Meta tag, keywords, title and descriptions. All of these features are relatively straight forward and easy to use so that even the most inexperienced user should be able to pick it up after a little practice too.

It is important that you don’t fall into the same nonsensical ramblings of the neigh Sayers that are constantly trying to put business’s off WordPress websites. Just look at the results! Some of the most effective websites and business models are built on a WordPress platform. Of course there will be pros and cons for using any website Platform, though in terms of usability, affordability and functionality WordPress is undoubtedly up at the top. Just because you’re saving a bit of cash with your web build, you would be unwise to assume that you’re going to end up with a rough deal, a crap website and poor rankings in the future. It is quite the opposite.

The real beauty of WordPress is the immense and varying customisation that can be carried out with the platform. There are a wealth of different plugins that can be used for multiple ends such as video galleries, Twitter feeds, Facebook fan boxes and so many more. All of which are easy to plug in and switch on. On top of this the websites are 100% customisable allowing you to keep your brand as fresh and up to date as possible.

You don’t have to over complicate the process at all. This is the thing, most people assume that web building is some impossible, complicated process that requires months and months of fine tuning and coding and construction with further maintenance and investment when the truth is…it really doesn’t have to be that difficult at all. Yes there is always room for future investment regarding the SEO side of things, and regular maintenance is a must – the only difference is that the entire process is much easier and user friendly.